Christian Science

How I learned about Christian Science 

When I was a young teen, because of various interactions with medical treatment, I began to doubt that medical treatment was God’s way of maintaining our health. At the time I understood God to be all-powerful. I thought an all-powerful God would certainly provide a better way of caring for us. I hoped that eventually I would find out what God’s way was.

It wasn’t until about thirteen years later that I became acquainted with Christian Science. When I received a Christian Science Sentinel magazine I was deeply impressed by what I found there. The Sentinel always includes testimonies of healings that have been accomplished without medical intervention but through effective systematic prayer. As I read the testimonies I quickly realized the spiritual system of healing described in the testimonies was what I had hoped I would eventually find.

I began to study Christian Science and loved what I was learning about the nature of God as Love and as the governing Principle of all life. It was wonderful to learn that we are God’s loved creation and we can turn to God at any time to experience the healing power of Love. Soon, through prayer as it is explained in Christian Science, I had my first physical healing. I was healed of an allergy that had been medically diagnosed and I had suffered from since a young age. To me, this healing verified that I had found God’s way of caring for us. Christian Science has continued to be my first and only resort for healing since that time.

How you can learn more

To learn more about Christian Science visit this link: What is Christian Science?

Christian Science was discovered by, Mary Baker Eddy, through her devout study of the Bible and her own search for health. She wrote a book that explains Christian Science and how to apply it to meet your needs. Her book is called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and you can read the book online at this link: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

You can also read or purchase Eddy’s book and the Christian Science Sentinel at any Christian Science Reading Room. There may be one in your neighborhood. Check this link for a listing of Christian Science Reading Rooms: Find a Christian Science Reading Room